Misogi Kumagawa vs Luminary

Suggested by Sonic Misogi is a powerful fighter and someone who can basically nullify death. How can you possibly fight off someone with that level of ability? Luminary has a lot of elemental spells which he can use to fight Misogi from long range but he doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to stay on top here. Misogi will catch him and then that will be game over. There is just no escape from this guy. Misogi Kumagawa wins.

Luminary vs Incineroar

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar is a powerful Pokemon who takes pride in his wrestling skills. The guy can deal a lot of damage once he makes contact. Luminary will have to be careful not to get caught in his grip. Luminary is very fast though so this shouldn’t be a problem and then he’ll be able to land his explosive attacks. Luminary’s blade also gives him longer reach in close quarters which will be of great help here. Luminary wins.

Luminary vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Luminary is a talented fighter. He’s got a lot of equipment and spells as you would expect from such a legendary hero. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to trade blows with Cloud yet. Cloud’s power is incredible and a single slash could do massive damage. Cloud can shatter his limits and soar to new heights in the middle of a fight. Luminary would quickly be unable to keep up with him and that’s when Cloud would delver the finishing strike. Cloud wins.