Elliot Nightray vs Cloud

Elliot is a good guy who fights hard and never backs down. He’s the kind of person that you want in your corner but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that he’s super strong. Cloud would easily win this round without breaking a sweat. Cloud’s taken down foes far more powerful than Mr. Nightray after all. Cloud wins.

Elliot Nightray vs Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki may be a capable guy but at the end of the day he’s not going to be taking down Elliot. Elliot is skilled with a blade and can at least fight off enemies as needed. Miyuki can fight as a last ditch desperation attempt but won’t be taking down any reasonably powerful fighters. That’s just not one of his strengths. In terms of combat having a sword can be a great benefit when the opponent has to stick to hand to hand combat. Elliot Nightray wins.