Garnet (Final Fantasy) vs Cloud

Garnet is a pretty talented Final Fantasy fighter but there are few who can hold up to Cloud in that verse. Cloud’s exceptionally gifted with a blade and moves at speeds that are considered almost unthinkable. None of Garnet’s spells will do a whole lot of good here and Cloud’s summons will counter any that are thrown at him. No matter how you slice it, Garnet is not going to be able to do a whole lot here. Cloud is just on a completely different level. Cloud wins.

Garnet (Final Fantasy) vs Meredy

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close battle. On one hand, Meredy’s got some interesting synergy abilities and can link a person’s sense of pain. On the other hand this prevented her from learning more than a small handful of offensive moves which really hurts her in the long run. Garnet meanwhile has pretty much every kind of attack you could ask for in addition to summons. It can be rare for a big anime fighter to lose out to a video game on but Garnet just wins in all of the important areas here. I don’t see her going down, not with that large array of equipment and attack options at her disposal. Garnet (Final Fantasy) wins.