Chaos Bahamut vs Pegasus Seiya

Suggested by Sonic Chaos Bahamut is incredibly powerful, but lets not kid ourselves here. Seiya has gone up against galaxy level threats and has blocked hits from opponents moving faster than light. There is nothing Chaos Bahamut can do or even dream of doing to stop Seiya. It would be like a boxing champ going up against the local fan. Seiya’s meteor punches will take Bahamut down for the count and he’ll rise once more up the blog ranks. Pegasus Seiya wins.

Chaos Bahamut vs Robin (Damian)

The Chaos Bahamut is back and now he’s up against Robin! Robin’s definitely a good hand to hand fighter, but somehow I don’t see him taking down the Chaos Bahamut in a fair fight! The Chaos Bahamut is just far too powerful and one punch would mean the end of Robin. Chaos Bahamut wins.

Chaos Bahamut vs Allosaurus

The Chaos Bahamut is back and he’s ready for a quick win! His physical strength is far superior to the Allosaurus and one good energy attack should finish this match. The Allosaurus just never stood a chance against this kind of opponent. Better luck next time! Chaos Bahamut wins.

Chaos Bahamut vs Lightning

The Chaos Bahamut is back and now he’s up against Lightning! Lightning has a lot of powerful sword abilities and her magic is also intense. Still, can she hope to take down someone as powerful as Chaos Bahamut? I think so, she can speedblitz and use Odin to win. Lightning wins.

Chaos Bahamut vs Bahamut (SIN)

Chaos Bahamut makes his debut match on the blog. He’s a pretty fierce creature and it’s hard to imagine how any being could even hope to stop him! His speed is pretty intense and his power is hard to stop! Bahamut (SIN) has a pretty impressive blast, but it won’t be enough to win. Chaos Bahamut wins.