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Chaos Bahamut vs Pegasus Seiya

Suggested by Sonic Chaos Bahamut is incredibly powerful, but lets not kid ourselves here. Seiya has gone up against galaxy level threats and has blocked hits from opponents moving faster than light. There is nothing Chaos Bahamut can do or even dream of doing to stop Seiya. It would be like a boxing champ going up against the local fan. Seiya’s meteor punches will take Bahamut down for the count and he’ll rise once more up the blog ranks. Pegasus Seiya wins.

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Tsurugi vs Pegasus Seiya

It’s time for Tsurugi to return to the blog, but I’m afraid that this next battle won’t be quite so easy for him. His final form makes him look a little like a Saint, but he certainly doesn’t have the same level of power to match one. Seiya would be able to run rings around Tsurugi and the difference in power was notable even from the first arc of Saint Seiya. Tsurugi may have lost here, but perhaps he will be back someday to claim more victories. Pegasus Seiya wins.

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Pegasus Seiya vs Phoenix Ikki

Pegasus Seiya is back and now he’s up against Phoenix Ikki! Ikki has some pretty powerful fire abilities at his disposal, but Pegasus Seiya has fighting speed of an incredibly high order. With a single shot he can cause some massive damage. Ikki is also a very powerful fighter, but I don’t think that he’ll be able to win this round. Pegasus Seiya wins.

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Pegasus Seiya vs Bass

Pegasus Seiya is back, but he won’t be able to defeat the King of the blog. Bass is far too fast and his power is off the charts. Pegasus Seiya has come to lost I’m afraid, but the important thing he that he gave it his very best shot. He drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Bass wins.

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Andromeda Shun vs Pegasus Seiya

Andromeda Shun makes his debut match on the blog, but he’s up against Pegasus Seiya! Seiya has super speed and immense power at his disposal. I don’t think that Andromeda Shun will be able to defend against such skills. He’s strong as well, but not quite as strong. Pegasus Seiya wins.