Pegasus Seiya vs Yubel

Suggested by Sonic Yubel is one of the strongest Yugioh cards out there. The fact that she is immune to all spells and traps while reversing damage from normal attacks is absolutely crazy. That’s definitely not a balanced card but it won’t make a difference to one who is as attuned to the cosmos as Seiya is. His Pegasus Meteor Fist will definitely strike her down right away and she has no hope of dodging. Pegasus Seiya wins.

James Bond vs Yubel

James Bond is no match for Yubel. One energy blast would destroy him in an instant and he has no shot of defeating Yubel. None of his attacks would have any effect on her. Bond has been losing a lot of matches and his descent through the blog ranks is not complete. Hopefully, he can at least put up a fight! Yubel wins.