Sartorius vs Kaiba

Sartorius is a powerful duelist, but he also does have a lot of strong monsters at his disposal. Kaiba had to work his way up with the basic cards of the original generation. Even with those, Kaiba proved that he is more than capable of defending himself from any and all challengers. Such is the power of Kaiba. He is virtually unstoppable at this point and his wins keep on adding up. Kaiba wins.

Jaden vs Sartorius

Sartorius was another big opponent for Jaden. He used The Light to take down many of Jaden Yuki’s friends and he nearly took out the planet. Luckily, Jaden has grown even stronger since the last time he defeated Sartorius and I don’t see the villain being able to win this round. Jaden is virtually invincible when it comes to a duel and that’s basically been proven. Jaden wins.