Kyoka Jiro vs Kaiba

Jiro is a fun character from My Hero. I’m still hoping she gets a real power up at some point since right now the problem for her is that she isn’t very powerful. That means no matter how much screen time she gets it’s hard for her to be the focus in a battle arc. At the moment she could try to keep Kaiba and his team off balance, but that’s about it. She really has no answer for aerial threats like the Blue Eyes White Dragon and no way to protect herself from their energy blasts. As a result I don’t see her winning this round. Kaiba wins.

Birdy Cephon Altera vs Kaiba

Birdy is a character I wasn’t familiar with prior to her fighting on the blog. She seems pretty fun and has a very versatile power set. She can augment her abilities with solid hits and blasts and has a lot of durability. It’s going to take all of Kaiba’s cards to keep her at bay. Fortunately he is prepared and he certainly has a ton of cards at his disposal in order to mount a comeback. Birdy will tire herself out trying to get past his spells and traps. Ultimately that will leave her wide open against his monsters. Kaiba wins.

Masataka Takayanagi vs Kaiba

Kaiba is a pretty legendary Duelist. Not only did he obtain one of the 3 Egyptian God Cards, but he’s got the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon as well. Masataka Takayanagi can amp up his physical attacks with ki and focus so Kaiba won’t want to take a direct shot, but with all of his magic and trap cards at the ready that won’t be a problem. That’s why fighting a duelist is always so tricky, there are a ton of different techniques you gotta watch out for. Kaiba wins.

Zatanna vs Kaiba

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a tough magician but she’s had quite a few tough fights on the blog lately. This one won’t be any easier as Kaiba has amassed an incredible army of fighters over the years. I don’t really thinks she can do much against his Egyptian God Cards and Kaiba still has dozens of other monsters to back them up. Zatanna won’t be given enough time to use her spells against Kaiba and as a result she’s gonna have to take a tough loss here. Kaiba wins.

Mr Mxyzptlk vs Kaiba

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr Mxyzptlk is a tricky Superman villain who is always trying to make a mess of things. What he lacks in traditional fighting ability he makes up for with his reality altering abilities. That won’t be enough to defeat a master duelist like Kaiba though. Kaiba can harness the heart of the cards and summon forth his impressive Obelisk The Tormentor card. With that at his disposal defeat is not an option. A single hit should end the fight. Kaiba wins.

Fred Flintstone vs Kaiba

Kaiba is so skilled that he practically got a whole film devoted to his hype in the Dark Dimension. It reminds me of just how awesome he is and it doesn’t hurt that Kaiba is one of the world’s greatest duelists. His overwhelming legion of monsters can strike down many foes and Fred Flintstone will have to be the victim this time. He has no way to defend himself and I believe Kaiba would win in a fist fight as well. He is simply too skilled in any arena of combat. Kaiba wins.

Jyn Erso vs Kaiba

Jyn Erso may have won her first match, but I don’t think her luck will continue for very long. Kaiba is a master duelist who has proven to be one of the world’s very best. He has an army of dragons at his beck and call. Just one of them would be enough to take Jyn Erso down for the count and she can’t hope to dodge such an onslaught of attacks. She may have determination, but courage alone doesn’t win battles. In the end, skills also play a part and she is simply outmatched. Kaiba wins.

Frankenstein vs Kaiba

This is a tribute to Bride of Frankenstein. Frankenstein has never been my favorite monster and no film has really been able to really change my view on that. He is just not an interesting villain. Moreover, he doesn’t have the speed or power to deal with someone like Kaiba. Kaiba has a whole army of monsters at his beck and call and they will completely shut down any attack that Frankenstein attempts. He is simply outmatched here. At most, he can surrender and hope for the best. Kaiba wins.

Sartorius vs Kaiba

Sartorius is a powerful duelist, but he also does have a lot of strong monsters at his disposal. Kaiba had to work his way up with the basic cards of the original generation. Even with those, Kaiba proved that he is more than capable of defending himself from any and all challengers. Such is the power of Kaiba. He is virtually unstoppable at this point and his wins keep on adding up. Kaiba wins.

Kaiba vs Tristan

Tristan is experienced in close quarters combat as we’ve seen time and time again, but he’s simply no match for Kaiba at this point. Kaiba has his famous Blue Eyes White Dragon at his disposal and with it he can defeat any foe with a single blast. Tristan shouldn’t have picked a fight with the world’s greatest duelist and now he shall pay the price. Kaiba wins.