Kyoka Jiro vs Genkishi

Suggested by Sonic Kyoka’s sound abilities are quite impressive and she has leveled up a lot since the start of the show but it just won’t be enough to stop Genkishi. Genkishi’s sword skills and raw power are at a much higher level than Kyoka. He should be able to win the battle with pure speed, power, and technique. Those 3 attributes are often enough to win a battle when you have the advantage there. Genkishi wins.

Kyoka Jiro vs Kaiba

Jiro is a fun character from My Hero. I’m still hoping she gets a real power up at some point since right now the problem for her is that she isn’t very powerful. That means no matter how much screen time she gets it’s hard for her to be the focus in a battle arc. At the moment she could try to keep Kaiba and his team off balance, but that’s about it. She really has no answer for aerial threats like the Blue Eyes White Dragon and no way to protect herself from their energy blasts. As a result I don’t see her winning this round. Kaiba wins.

Kyoka Jiro vs Count Vertigo

Suggested by iKnowledge Kyoka Jiro and Count Vertigo have pretty similar abilities to each other. Vertigo uses his sound vibrations more for hypnosis though while Jiro uses them to incapacitate her opponents. Both of them should be able to nullify the other’s effects pretty well so at that point it becomes a battle of how well they can use their abilities and hand to hand experience. Jiro can cause mini tremors with her ability and can wield a sword well which helps her case. I think ultimately Count Vertigo will have met his match here. Kyoka Jiro wins.