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Kaiba vs Pegasus

Pegasus has his Toon cards which are near impossible to destroy. Of course Kaiba has his Ultimate Blue Eyes Dragon! Not to mention all of his other cards. Pegasus may be powerful, but he doesn’t quite have the skills that Kaiba has. Kaiba is the Master Duelist and loses to no being. He’s just far too powerful. Kaiba wins.

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Kaiba vs Mokuba

Mokuba has always tried too be a tough character, but in the end he could never make it too Kaiba level. Mokuba just doesn’t have the skills or the hand too hand action that Kaiba has. Kaiba takes this match and rises higher in the blog. He was just too powerful too stay down. Kaiba wins.

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Joey vs Kaiba

Joey finally makes his blog debut. It’s been a while, and him not appearing has probably worried fans. Well he’s here now, but for a loss. Kaiba and Joey have always been one sided rivals. Joey thinks he’s up to Kaiba’s level, but there will always be a wall between them in skill. Kaiba is the greatest duelist of our time. Joey is rank A, but A is not S! Joey will be back. Kaiba wins.

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Kaiba vs Zigfried

Zigfried may be a good duelist, but he’s not as good as Kaiba. Kaiba is a living legend and has defeated many opponents in his day. There just aren’t many opponents who can defeat him. Actually there aren’t any! Kaiba is just too good. Zigfried takes a loss, but he’ll be back. Just wait and see! Kaiba wins.

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Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Kaiba

This is a tribute to TMNT 2. Michelangelo (1970’s) didn’t look too great and naturally loses to Kaiba. Kaiba is just too powerful not to lose. Michelangelo (1970’s) knows some very mild hand to hand, but it won’t help. Kaiba wins.