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Jack (5ds) vs Trunks

Jack (5ds) is a pretty impressive duelist! With his Red Dragon Archfiend he can unleash some major terror in the streets, of course Trunks won’t be feeling any terror. One Burning Attack should take down Jack (5ds) and all of his cards. They just haven’t felt the kind of power that Trunks has. Trunks wins.

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Japanman vs Jack (5ds)

Japanman is a strong and fearless netnavi. Of course while he may be brave, he lacks the power that Jack Atlas does. Jack has many cards that he can use to take Japanman down. Japanman may have lost the fight, but he hasn’t lose the war. Jack (5ds) wins.

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Jack (5ds) vs Skeith

Jack (5ds) is back and he’s ready to win. Of course he had no losses so Skeith has to give him one. Then all will be right with the world once again. Skeith is nearing 10 wins. Skeith wins.

But Jack has a lot of cards including some dragons and wins with sheer numbers. Skeith just can’t take him down now. Jack (5ds) wins.