Japanman vs Duo

Suggested by Destroyer Japanmqan is a fast navi with some good sword skills but compared to most other speed types in the verse I wouldn’t say he ever did anything super impressive. I see him going down rather quickly against someone like Duo. Duo isn’t very fast but his attack range is big enough where he should still be able to land some blows which will deal absolutely devastating damage to Japanman. That will be game over for him. Duo wins.

Link vs Japanman

Suggested by Destroyer Japanman is not an opponent to take lightly. He is also well versed in bladed combat and will be able to try and give Link a run for his money. The main problem Japanman has is that he simply isn’t fast enough to deal with Link. Link has fought stronger opponents in his day and Japanman didn’t have a big role in the manga or anime that could have boosted his stats. As it stands, Link would simply be able to overwhelm this guy. Link wins.

Stoneman vs Japanman

Stoneman has the power of the stones within him. Of course he lacks the speed to get a hit on Japanman. Japanman is too fast and also has enough power to take down Stoneman. Stoneman may be strong, but when you lack speed power doesn’t matter. Stoneman takes a heavy loss and watches as Japanman rises above him in the rankings. Japanman wins.

Japanman vs Jack (5ds)

Japanman is a strong and fearless netnavi. Of course while he may be brave, he lacks the power that Jack Atlas does. Jack has many cards that he can use to take Japanman down. Japanman may have lost the fight, but he hasn’t lose the war. Jack (5ds) wins.

Japanman vs Tomahawkman

Now….the FINAL sword navi fight. It’s been a long journey that’s lasted over a month and all of the sword navi’s have left, proud of themselves (I hope) except for these 2. The winner will leave here very happy while the loser will not live it down for a while. The Winner is……………Japanman. Japanman wins!

Colonel vs Japanman

Colonel’s farewell match and it’s against Japanman. Well this is a good fight. They both have sword skills. Japanman however has braved the worst of the undernet and lived to see the secret area. Colonel will never see the secret area. Japanman wins.

Update! Well, Japanman’s definitely a tough warrior, but I think Colonel could manage a win. His sword skills are pretty good and he has gone up against Bass in the past. Colonel wins.

Slashman vs Japanman

Slashman’s final opponent among the sword navi’s. He plans to go out with a bang. Sadly it won’t be the bang he hoped for. Japanman is a legendary samurai who works for Serenade. Slashman is not a samurai from what I know. He’s not even a real swordsman. Japanman wins.