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Japanman vs Eraseman

Another finale fight. Eraseman’s saying good bye to everyone and will certainly fight better than he ever has. But even if he battled with twice the power he had he wouldn’t be able to beat Serenade’s right hand man. Japanman wins.

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Eraseman vs Kendoman

This is Kendoman’s second final match. Kendoman better toughen up or these last matches will be tough for him. Luckily he can beat Eraseman because I think he has more skills than Eraseman. Kendoman wins.

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Slashman vs Eraseman

Slashman’s finally met another weak opponent. Plot twist I think Slashman will still lose. Even though Eraseman is also weak he has beaten “undernet” navi’s. I think Eraseman still might have more skills than Slashman. Slashman’s going to have to chalk up another loss. Eraseman wins.


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Zero exe vs Eraseman

This match plays out almost the same way all of Eraseman’s fights turn out. He gets belted for minutes until he either gives up or is deleted. Eraseman just can’t handle any decent character. Unless he looks better in the anime (which I don’t think he’s in) he’ll keep losing. Zero exe wins.