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Hunter Steele vs Colonel

Hunter Steele may be a decent fighter, but he’s definitely not ready to fight someone as skilled as Colonel right now! Colonel is much faster and stronger than Hunter Steele, which does not help Steele’s chances. Colonel just needs one good sword slash to take Hunter Steele down for the count. Colonel wins.

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Megaman vs Colonel

Colonel is an experienced swordsman, but in the end he won’t be able to take Megaman down. Megaman’s a stronger fighter than Colonel in the end, plus he’s also a lot faster! Megaman would be able to defeat Colonel in an instant. Colonel drops down the rankings with this loss, but he’ll be back. Megaman wins.

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Colonel vs Roll

Colonel has a sword and with it he’s taken down many opponents. If you get in his way you’re usually toast. Colonel just can’t be defeated too easily. Roll may have her super speed, but in the end it doesn’t help too much against Colonel. Colonel’s pretty fast in his own right and moves up the blog ranks with this win. Colonel wins.

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Bass vs Colonel

Colonel is a fierce warrior, but he’s not nearly good enough to take down Bass. He thought he could, which is sad in itself. And they even fought in the movie, luckily for Colonel Bass had bigger guys to pwn. Bass is stronger, faster, smarter, and better at just about everything compared to Colonel. Colonel never had even the slimmest of chances. Bass wins.

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Colonel vs Japanman

Colonel’s farewell match and it’s against Japanman. Well this is a good fight. They both have sword skills. Japanman however has braved the worst of the undernet and lived to see the secret area. Colonel will never see the secret area. Japanman wins.

Update! Well, Japanman’s definitely a tough warrior, but I think Colonel could manage a win. His sword skills are pretty good and he has gone up against Bass in the past. Colonel wins.