Cosmoman vs Levi

Suggested by Destroyer Levi is known as one of the strongest Titan Slayers out there. He moves with great speed and slices all of his opponents into submission. He’s definitely not someone that you can take lightly at all if you want to survive. That being said, Cosmoman is well equipped to handle this challenge. His cosmic blasts will keep Levi afar and he can also handle himself in close quarters combat as well. Levi’s blades are sharp but they won’t be enough to overcome this target. Cosmoman wins.

Status Quo vs Cosmoman

Suggested by Destroyer Status Quo is one of those villains that sounds sympathetic from his name. All the guy wants to do is keep things the same. I think he does go crazy and grabs a bomb at some point so it’s only the concept that you can sympathize with. Status Quo isn’t very powerful though and will very quickly be overpowered by Cosmoman. Cosmoman wins.

Cosmoman vs Chunk

Cosmoman has some pretty intense cosmic abilities, but will they be enough to stop the Chunk!? The Chunk has his gun and he’s always ready to use it. Of course he’s never faced someone quite as powerful as Cosmoman. Cosmoman actually took on the mighty Colonel and tried to do a pretty good Bass impression. Cosmoman wins.

Gravityman vs Cosmoman

Gravityman is a pretty powerful darkloid and one of the coolest members. His gravity abilities are immensely lethal and he took on the combined forces of Megaman and Protoman. Cosmoman is more of a close range fighter, but since he took on Colonel in a sword fight, he’s definitely dangerous. I think that he will be able to take the win in this round. Cosmoman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Cosmoman

Cosmoman is a pretty powerful navi, but Gemini Saga is one opponent that won’t be defeated here. Gemini Saga has his galactian explosion and he’s also got his powerful armor. In a close combat fight it would be close, but I think Gemini Saga has the slight edge in speed and power. Gemini Saga wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Cosmoman

Tengu Shredder is a pretty good fighter, but he’s definitely outranked by Cosmoman in this battle. Cosmoman is a lot faster and stronger than Tengu Shredder which is why he’ll take the win pretty easily here. Tengu Shredder just wasn’t strong enough in the end, but he’ll be back. Cosmoman wins.