Zero exe vs Megatron

Suggested by Destroyer Megatron has a lot of abilities at his disposal but none of them are enough to deal with Zero EXE’s speed. Zero has taken on guys like Protoman in the past and while I think Zero should have gotten a much bigger role in the EXE part of the series, he did well overall. His Z Saber is the stuff of legends and one or two clean slices from that could end the match. Zero exe wins.

Zero EXE vs Judgeman

Suggested by Sonic Judgeman is a pretty well balanced fighter but he’s not going to be doing a whole lot against Zero EXE. Zero didn’t get a lot of screen time in the Battle Network series but his swordplay would still be too fast and lethal for Judgeman to counter. This would ultimately keep him on the back foot and there would be few ways to get out of the situation. Zero EXE wins.

Zero Exe vs Max

Suggested by Anonymous Max has always wanted to be a great Pokemon trainer but it just hasn’t happened yet. He would probably do well, but as it stands he has no real way of defending himself against Zero. Zero has the edge both in attack power and speed. He utterly dominates Max in both stats and that means that he won’t be losing anytime soon. It’s been a while since Zero got his last win so we’ll see if this is the return of a larger comeback. Zero Exe wins.

Gallantmon vs Zero EXE

Zero EXE is not as powerful as his X counterpart, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. His sword skills are able to give Protoman a run for his money and Zero also has a few long range options. Gallantmon’s blasts are definitely more powerful though while he loses at close quarters combat. I’d say that Zero is simply outgunned in this round as his sword speed is not enough to stop Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just! Gallantmon wins.

Gemini Spark vs Zero exe

Zero is back and now he’s up against one of the strongest villains in the Star Force series! I’m afraid that this seriously cannot end well for the navi as Gemini Spark easily outranks him in speed. In a sword fight, Zero could potentially hold his own for a little while, but the difference in speed will just prove to be too much for him. Zero has lost two matches in a row so now may be the best time to panic! Gemini Spark wins.

Megaman X vs Zero EXE

I was never very impressed with Zero EXE’s abilities. In the anime, he is one of the stronger opponents so maybe that phrase came out wrong. The problem is that he never appeared in the manga, which severely hurts him and Beast+ didn’t have enough of a budget to give him any really good feats. Megaman X should be able to tire him out and win the fight with a distance due to his great array of attacks at the ready. He has bounced back from his previous loss! Megaman X wins.

Lazerman vs Zero exe

Zero exe has a sword and with it he can slash away at his opponents. Lazerman was always more of a beam guy, but that will be his downfall in this match. Zero exe can just slash away his beams and take Lazerman down. After his long streak, Lazerman has finally taken a loss….Is this the end!? Zero exe wins.

Zero exe vs Soundwave

Soundwave may be a strong decepticon, but in the end he’s not at Zero level. Zero was able to fight with the likes of Beast Out Megaman and Protoman. That’s no easy feat. Zero exe finally gets another win after all these months while Soundwave takes a dip in the blog rankings. Zero exe wins.