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Sam Witwicky vs Soundwave

Sam has never been the bravest sandwich in the shop. He tries to take everything in stride, but he is typically out of his depth. He managed a controversial win against Starscream in the films, but I would like to see him pull that off here. Soundwave just needs one blast to win this round. Soundwave wins.

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Jack Darby vs Soundwave

Jack Darby is a fighter who never gives up no matter how tough the situation looks. Unfortunately, determination is not enough to win battles and Soundwave should have no problem taking him down. A few good blasts from his shoulder cannon will take the fight out of Jack and pave the way for Soundwave’s victory. His superior attacks and strategy tactics have worked once again. Soundwave wins.

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Kuroyukihime vs Soundwave

This battle may not be anime vs anime, but I had to do it since Soundwave’s design looks so similar to Black Lotus’. Black Lotus is definitely the superior fighter and Soundwave won’t be able to get near her thanks to the massive speed difference. Kuroyukihime also has a good long range ability at her disposal and she could just finish him off in close combat. Kuroyukihime wins.

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Zero exe vs Soundwave

Soundwave may be a strong decepticon, but in the end he’s not at Zero level. Zero was able to fight with the likes of Beast Out Megaman and Protoman. That’s no easy feat. Zero exe finally gets another win after all these months while Soundwave takes a dip in the blog rankings. Zero exe wins.