The BioLizard vs Ratchet (TF)

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is not usually known as a combat type Autobot but he can fight when needed. The guy has some decent armaments and a lot of little gadgets at the ready but they won’t be able to defeat The BioLizard. The BioLizard has too much offensive capabilities at his disposal so he will just overwhelm Ratchet the way that he overwhelmed the rest of his opponents. It’s hard to deal with that much power. The BioLizard wins.

Ratchet (TF) vs Ruckus

Suggested by Sonic Ruckus may be the leader of the Nasty Boys but I’d still have to say that he’s not all that powerful. His noise abilities can make it hard for opponents to concentrate so fighters who rely on mental abilities are at a disadvantage. For someone like Ratchet it won’t make much of a difference since he can turn off his audio sensors and just start blasting. Ruckus doesn’t really have much that he can do against such a tactic. Ratchet (TF) wins.

Ratchet (TF) vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a good medic and since he is a robot he does come equipped with some reasonable super strength and energy guns. They just won’t be able to help him very much since Lazerman can endure anything that he dished out. Ratchet has even admitted on many occasions that he just isn’t really a fighter so he doesn’t have that knack for combat. Lazerman wins.

Ratchet (TF) vs Wheeljack

This is a pretty close fight. I wouldn’t call either Ratchet or Wheeljack a heavy duty Transformer fighter. Wheeljack talks tough in TF Prime, but Ratchet backed up his talk by getting dark energon and taking some guys down. In the end Wheeljack isn’t as impressive and loses this fight. Ratchet (TF) wins.