Ruckus vs Breakdown

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of relatively obscure characters. You may have heard of these guys in passing, but they’re not exactly household names. Ruckus has good range with his vocal shockwaves which would deal some damage to Breakdown, but it would simply take too long to defeat him. In that time Breakdown only needs one laser gun shot to land and that would be the end of the fight. Ruckus just wouldn’t be able to stop him. Breakdown wins.


Ruckus vs Soren

Ruckus was a pretty tricky fellow for the Xmen to handle back in the day. His sound based abilities will be particularly tricky for Soren since it could disturb his flight patterns. I don’t believe that Soren would be able to overcome this trick and Ruckus is definitely stronger physically. Soren is simply outmatched. Ruckus wins.