Oz Vessalius vs Kuroyukihime

Oz Vessalius is a capable kid who did his best in trying to unravel the mysteries of the world. He can fight but he’s not ready for a battle hardened warrior like Kuroyukihime. She earned her title as one of the kings due to her unbelievable power. She can move faster than Oz would be able to capture with his eyesight and her attacks have a solid amount of piercing power. A single good hit would easily win her the match. Kuroyukihime wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Skin

Suggested by Sonic Kuroyukihime is one of the 5 Kings and a being of incredible power. Skin’s main advantage in combat is usually the fact that it is hard to deal any damage to him. That’s going to be his downfall here since Kuroyukihime has enough power to bypass his defenses. Mix that in with her massive speed advantage and that’s a wrap. Kuroyukihime wins.

Scarlet Rain vs Kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime is back and she’s up against the Scarlet Rain! Scarlet Rain is actually pretty powerful since she knows how to use the Incarnate System and Kuroyukihime has not shown her abilities as of yet. That being said, Kuroyukihime’s overwhelming speed does give her the advantage while Scarlet Rain still has the power advantage. Scarlet Rain is very fast as well, but she’s not quite up to Black Lotus level. Kuroyukihime wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Kurokami is a very high tier fighter and she’s one of Shonen Jump’s elites. Kuroyukihime is very skilled as well, but not even she can defeat such an opponent. These two are meeting in battle because they are both from the Student Council and they’re similar in many respects. They both seem to be decently rich and their designs are even a little similar. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Soundwave

This battle may not be anime vs anime, but I had to do it since Soundwave’s design looks so similar to Black Lotus’. Black Lotus is definitely the superior fighter and Soundwave won’t be able to get near her thanks to the massive speed difference. Kuroyukihime also has a good long range ability at her disposal and she could just finish him off in close combat. Kuroyukihime wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Asuna

Accel World 01
Asuna is a veteran when it comes to sword fighting and her speed is legendary. She earned quite a rep in Sword Art Online and she’s easily one of the strongest fighters, but will that be enough to stop Kuroyukihime? Kuroyukihime’s reputation is even more formidable than Asuna’s and she has a lifetime of combat experience. Kuroyukihime’s speed surpasses that of Asuna’s and she has a lot more durability at her disposal. Kuroyukihime can also use long range abilities to her advantage and this is one fight that she won’t lose. Kuroyukihime wins.