B-Rabbit vs Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Kurokami is one of the most powerful heroines out there. It is no exaggeration to say that she could easily beat over 90% of fiction. B-Rabbit is strong as well but she is incredibly outmatched in speed, strength, and every other area. B-Rabbit just doesn’t have the sheer abilities needed to stop someone like this. She wouldn’t even be able to slow her down since Medaka’s flash step would immediately get her around B-Rabbit’s defenses. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Freed Justine vs Medaka Kurokami

Freed Justine can copy a lot of forms and use magic to make the abilities his. He can write in the air and his Kanji have great versatility in combat. None of those will be able to do a whole lot to Medaka though. Not only are her physical abilities already at an exceptionally high level but she can copy any ability that she has only seen once as well. So given that her abilities are greater than his in every way and she was already stronger than him, there is no way for Freed to make a comeback here. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Medaka Kurokami vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer Medaka Kurokami is probably the best main character that you haven’t heard of. Medaka Box never got big in America, but she’s a very powerful fighter with several different god modes. Her ability to copy any technique or skill is quite handy to have. Sora gets most of his skills from others so it may be more difficult for Medaka to copy that, but her physical skills are through the roof so even a Keyblade master would not be able to stop her. Sora will need some kind of super form to keep pace with this fighter. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Zenjiro Kasai vs Medaka Kurokami

Zenjiro Kasai is out of his league in this round and his mild fire abilities just won’t be able to deal any damage to Medaka. She’s far too quick and her endurance levels are also very high. One punch would completely shatter Kasai along with any hopes that he may have had about winning. It’s all over for him. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Kamina vs Medaka Kurokami

Kamina is back for another round, but things wont go his way since he is up against Medaka Kurokami. Medaka is extremely fast and she also has a lot of power at her disposal. Kamina wont be able to keep up with her for long and he will be soundly defeated. Kamina’s record takes a shot with this loss. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Kurokami is a very high tier fighter and she’s one of Shonen Jump’s elites. Kuroyukihime is very skilled as well, but not even she can defeat such an opponent. These two are meeting in battle because they are both from the Student Council and they’re similar in many respects. They both seem to be decently rich and their designs are even a little similar. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Medaka Kurokami vs James Bond

Medaka Kurokami is a pretty powerful being and her amazing speed will keep her a few thousand steps ahead of James Bond. His guns won’t have any effect on her and Medaka won’t even need to copy his abilities. She’s better off without them and she has hundreds of different ways that she can destroy James Bond. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Brook vs Medaka Kurokami

Brook is a pirate, but he’s not a very good person. I wouldn’t even call him a Hero! Medaka could defeat him with a single punch and it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Brook can’t hope to compete with her speed or raw power. Medaka also has several super forms, which increase her power even further. Brook never stood a chance. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Yurika Misumaru vs Medaka Kurokami

Yurika Misumaru may have been captain of the Nadesico, but her fighting abilities aren’t quite at Medaka’s level. Medaka has super speed and strength that would defeat Yurika Misumaru in an instant. Yurika Misumaru couldn’t react fast enough to dodge and definitely couldn’t endure a hit like that. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Medaka vs Medaka Kurokami

Looks like someone needs to take a loss in this round. After all, we can’t have two Medakas running around now can we? Medaka may be a tough person, but Medaka Kurokami is much faster and one good punch would be enough to end this match in an instant. Medaka is a little bit out of her league in this round. Medaka Kurokami wins.