Light vs Brook

I always thought that Light was a pretty awesome villain. Sure, he was little insane with his whole idea that he was still a hero delivering justice, but he was brilliant and had some great schemes. Unfortunately for Light, being likable is definitely not enough if you want to win fights. Brook is essentially Light’s opposite in many ways, but he is a much more powerful fighter. A few swordstrikes is all that he will need to win this round. Brook wins.

Sonic vs Brook

Will the losses never end!? Brook has a sword, but he definitely cant keep up with the Blue Blur. Sonic could run rings around Brook and that is not even counting his super forms. In Super Sonic form, this battle would end even quicker. Sonic is definitely on a roll, nobody’s going to stop him now! Sonic wins.

Shadow vs Brook

Brook is back, but he definitely does not have a chance against such a quick fighter. Shadow can run rings around Brook with ease. Brook has a sword, but it wont be able to hit Brook. Shadow can even use the powers of Chaos Control!! Brook takes another loss with this round, but maybe he’ll be back. Shadow wins.

Brook vs Po

Po is a pretty tough fighter and I definitely wouldn’t underestimate her. Sadly, she still won’t be able to take on Brook. Brook has his sword skills and he’s a capable fighter. He rises up the blog ranks, but a character who is this unlikable can’t keep on winning for long. At least he rose up the ranks for a while. Brook wins.

Laa Laa vs Brook

Brook has his sword skills and he had been taking several losses on the blog lately. Of course, he has defeated several of the Teletubbies and he’s not stopping yet! Laa Laa may be a decently tough opponent, but that just won’t be enough to stop Brook. Brook has beaten tougher opponents and he needs to take the win this time. Brook wins.

Tinky Winky vs Brook

Tinky Winky may be a pretty tough character, but can he match up against Brook? Brook has his sword skills and while he has lost many battles, he always manages to hang in there. Tinky Winky won’t be able to take him down for the count. Brook shows the world that he’s still a winner with this victory. Brook wins.

Brook vs Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer is a pretty brave child and she just needs one good shot to do some decent damage. Brook has his sword skills and that should be enough to win this round. Dora The Explorer loses this round, but she gave it her all. Maybe Dora will be back to take a win at some point soon, but for now she drops down the rankings. Brook wins.

Brook vs Yoh

Brook is a pretty popular fighter on the blog lately. He started out by getting quite a few losses, but he quickly changed that. Unfortunately, with great wins, comes great losses. Brook wont be able to defeat Yoh. Yoh is far too quick and strong. Yoh’s dealt with much stronger opponents in the past. Yoh wins.

Brook vs Tsuna

Tsuna has super speed and with one punch he could probably shatter the planet. Tsuna’s speed is one of the greatest in Shonen Jump history. Brook will never be able to land a single hit on an opponent who’s so quick. Tsuna would win this round without breaking a sweat and it shows how powerful he is. Brook’s ranking takes a shot with this loss. Tsuna wins.