Aiko Tachibana vs Dora The Explorer

Aiko is a character who may not be the strongest but she always tries hard and refuses to give up. Her unique body does come with regeneration which is always handy though. Dora may be a good explorer but I wouldn’t trust her to save the day this time. Her abilities just aren’t a match for Aiko’s here and that will be her downfall. Dora would need more than her trusty knife to win this match. Aiko Tachibana wins.

Dora the Explorer vs Sue Ellen

Suggested by Sonic Sue Ellen has her detective skills on deck which helps a lot in this kind of battle but Dora has a knife on her. I don’t even need to go into why that would be super helpful here do I? Dora has the edge in weaponry and she is also more experienced in dealing with the Jungle. Sue Ellen will need to forfeit the match right away here as there is no avenue to victory. Dora the Explorer wins.

Dora the Explorer vs Madeline

Suggested by Sonic Madeline is a pretty brave kid. She would often stand out among her peers for being ready in any scenario. That being said, she isn’t going to beat Dora. Dora is a lot more used to Jungle life and has enough muscle to jump across trees on the daily with her vines. She has a knife and some practical survival training. Madeline has grown up in a much more peaceful environment and so she would not last very long in a one on one clash. Dora The Explorer wins.

Mermaid Man vs Dora The Explorer

Suggested by Sonic Dora The Explorer is a pretty classic kid who is always ready for an adventure. You have to admire her optimism and the fact that she never gives up. Still, that doesn’t mean she will actually be able to score a win here. The Mermaid Man is just way too strong. He’ll find a way to defeat her quickly and not even Dora’s magical items will be enough to help her out. What she would need is something like a rocket launcher to make this fight closer. Mermaid Man wins.

Dora The Explorer vs Smaug

Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a pretty powerful dragon and one good fire blast can definitely end the round in an instant. Dora The Explorer can’t navigate her away around this fighter because he is just too big and too strong. He may not have been able to stop Frodo, but he hasn’t yet fallen so hard that he cannot beat a little kid. Smaug wins.

Balki Bartokomous vs Dora The Explorer

Dora has attained many gadgets over the years, but they won’t be enough to stop Balki this time around. Balki simply has the age advantage so he can steal Dora’s backpack and just run away until Dora gets tired and gives up the match. There’s no real way that Dora can make a comeback in this round so it’s Game Over for her right now. Perhaps they’ll make a live action film where she has a gun someday. That would certainly tip the scales! Balki Bartokomous wins.

Bo (Bo On The Go) vs Dora The Explorer

Dora is back, but it would seem that there is a new girl on the block. Bo isn’t someone who should be taken lightly and by breaking the third wall, she is able to absorb the life energy of other beings to add it to her own. This is a pretty fearsome ability, but it won’t be able to defeat Dora The (Epic) Explorer. She’s more experienced than Bo and she has a lot of objects that she can use against her. Dora The Explorer wins.

Brook vs Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer is a pretty brave child and she just needs one good shot to do some decent damage. Brook has his sword skills and that should be enough to win this round. Dora The Explorer loses this round, but she gave it her all. Maybe Dora will be back to take a win at some point soon, but for now she drops down the rankings. Brook wins.

Dora The Explorer vs Leonardo

Dora The Explorer is back, but now she must face off against Leonardo! Leonardo has his sword skills and with them he will show the world his true power! Dora just can’t take on someone that skilled. Dora The Explorer drops down the ranks as she takes her first loss. Leonardo wins.

Dora The Explorer vs Diego

Diego is back and now he’s fighting Dora The Explorer! Dora The Explorer has some pretty tough skills at her disposal which may help her take this match all the way! Diego is a tough kid, but Dora leveled up to being a tween. Can anyone hope to stop her now!? Dora The Explorer wins.