Dora The Explorer vs Smaug

Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a pretty powerful dragon and one good fire blast can definitely end the round in an instant. Dora The Explorer can’t navigate her away around this fighter because he is just too big and too strong. He may not have been able to stop Frodo, but he hasn’t yet fallen so hard that he cannot beat a little kid. Smaug wins.

4 thoughts on “Dora The Explorer vs Smaug

      • Maybe Smaug might secretly want to learn Spanish and spare her? That would be the only way she survives past 1 second, lol.

      • Well you can’t ask for a better tutor than Dora. I used the show to try and learn back in the day…..I’m not fluent, but I can understand it pretty well! If Smaug learns Spanish, then he can finally find the legendary Gold of Spain

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