Uta vs Aiko Tachibana

Aiko Tachibana is a determined character but I dare say that she isn’t quite close to being more determined than Uta. Uta was able to plunge ahead even while she was by herself for a super long period of time. Aiko never had to go through such a trial. Perhaps Aiko would have been able to tough it out but we just don’t know while we actually got to see Uta persevere. Aiko has no defense against Uta’s songs and would go down quickly. Uta wins.

Aiko Tachibana vs Dora The Explorer

Aiko is a character who may not be the strongest but she always tries hard and refuses to give up. Her unique body does come with regeneration which is always handy though. Dora may be a good explorer but I wouldn’t trust her to save the day this time. Her abilities just aren’t a match for Aiko’s here and that will be her downfall. Dora would need more than her trusty knife to win this match. Aiko Tachibana wins.