Diego vs Doug

Suggested by Sonic This is a close battle of guys who aren’t traditional fighters but they don’t mind getting their hands dirty every once in a while. Diego has the advantage in experience though as he is always out in the wild and has a lot of gadgets. He even has his own truck that he uses and a baseball bat. Doug may have the age advantage here but it’s not enough to fully secure the victory this time. I see him getting taken down. Diego wins.

Dora The Explorer vs Diego

Diego is back and now he’s fighting Dora The Explorer! Dora The Explorer has some pretty tough skills at her disposal which may help her take this match all the way! Diego is a tough kid, but Dora leveled up to being a tween. Can anyone hope to stop her now!? Dora The Explorer wins.

Diego vs Click

Click is here to pwn, but will she get the chance? Diego seems to be the more skilled fighter and he knows when to go for the win. Diego takes his first win on the blog with this match and shows that he’s still got it. Maybe Click will be back one day to claim her victory. Diego wins.