Sherlock Holmes vs Laa Laa

This is a tribute to The Woman in Green. Sherlock Holmes looked pretty good as always and resisted the powers of Hypnosis. I wonder if Laa Laa would also be able to pull off such a feat although I remain skeptical. Laa Laa isn’t really much of a fighter if I’m being honest here so there’s no way Holmes won’t win this round. He has a sword and a gun at the ready, what more can you ask for? Sherlock Holmes wins.

Segata Sanshiro vs Laa Laa

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Suggested by Adrogoz Laa Laa probably has the coolest name out of all the Teletubbies. That being said she still won’t be able to go far here. Segata’s clones will keep her busy while his real body lands a sneak attack. It’ll pretty much be game over at that point since one hit should do the job. Segata wins.

Space Dandy vs Laa Laa

Space Dandy now has to face the final Teletubby! Laa Laa may not sound very tough, but you can take my word for it that she’s a really tough cookie. There aren’t many foes that can stand up to her if they aren’t used to combat scenarios. Luckily for Dandy…he is used to combat situations. One blast from his blaster should do the trick. Space Dandy wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Laa Laa

Laa Laa is a formidable member of the Teletubbies to be sure, but she won’t be able to beat Jack Sparrow! Jack is a notorious pirate and he’s not the kind of guy who loses a fight…or at least not to a Teletubby. He still has his gun and his knife/sword so he’s properly equipped to handle the average opponent. This is how he became the Captain after all! Jack Sparrow wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Laa Laa

Laa Laa may have lost last time, but we know that Laa Laa always continues to go for the gold. Well, the effort is admirable of course, but she definitely won’t be able to stop Gorilla Grodd. He’s simply too strong and he has gone up against the Flash in the past. Laa Laa likely couldn’t match that feat so it’s game over for her. Gorilla Grodd wins.

Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Laa Laa

The Teletubbies are launching one final assault on Hiruzen through Laa Laa, but that still won’t be enough. Hiruzen Sarutobi has a lot of ninjutsu at the ready and his speed used to be pretty decent back in the day. He’s a solid staff fighter so Hiruzen will make sure to keep Laa Laa at a distance at all times. This guarantees that she won’t be able to land any attacks and Hiruzen just needs one good hit to end this. Hiruzen Sarutobi wins.

Laa Laa vs Nami

Nami’s been on a roll lately and I don’t expect that to stop here! She’s a formidable navigator who has sailed past the Grand Line so Laa Laa can’t really do anything to intimidate her. Nami is just too skilled for that and she just needs one lightning blast to take Laa Laa down for the count. If only Laa Laa had more power! Nami wins.

Laa Laa vs Brook

Brook has his sword skills and he had been taking several losses on the blog lately. Of course, he has defeated several of the Teletubbies and he’s not stopping yet! Laa Laa may be a decently tough opponent, but that just won’t be enough to stop Brook. Brook has beaten tougher opponents and he needs to take the win this time. Brook wins.

Laa Laa vs Bass

Laa Laa is another character who looks like he means buisness! Still, no being is a match for Bass! Bass has his Darkness Overload attack which can defeat Laa Laa in an instant! Laa Laa is powerful, but not quite powerful enough to take down Bass. Bass has beaten plenty in the past and will beat more in the future. Bass wins.