Gorilla Grodd vs Hinata

Suggested by iKnowledge Gorilla Grodd is a pretty powerful DC villain and certainly one of the most well known adversaries of the Flash. He has a strong intellect and some telepathic abilities, but those won’t be enough to stop Hinata. Hinata knows the Byakugan and also has great hand to hand skills to supplement this ability. Her speed is also great enough where she will be able to dodge Grodd’s more powerful attacks and counter with some moves of her own. No matter what Gorilla Grodd tries he just won’t be able to hit her and Hinata can disrupt her chakra to counter any possible telepathic attacks. Hinata wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Ultra Humanite

Suggested by Sonic Both of these fighters are pretty similar when it comes to movesets. They each possess super strength and telepathic abilities. However, Ultra Humanite is Grodd’s superior in both areas. In physical strength he was able to take on heavyweights like Power Girl and Superman. I don’t see Grodd matching that level of ability anytime soon. Humanite’s a lot stronger than you would think and that’s likely because he simply isn’t very popular. Ultra Humanite wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Bizarro


Suggested by Destroyer Gorilla Grodd may be a pretty tough villain who gives Flash a run for his money but he is not suited to try and take down Bizarro. Bizarro is faster than Grodd and he is also stronger. The match will be over in an instant so Grodd’s famed intellect won’t save him. Bizarro wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Gorilla Grodd is a pretty tough customer. His physical strength is matched only by his intellect. That being said, I don’t think he will do very well against Yugi. Yugi just has to activate one of his trap cards or summon s high level monster and it’s over for Grodd. How can Grodd hope to defeat one of the Egyptian God Cards at Yugi’s disposal? Yugi wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Po

Gorilla Grodd is finally facing off against the final Teletubby! We have to give Gorilla Grodd credit here since not many fighters could have defeated all of the Teletubbies so easily. Gorilla Grodd’s brute strength and his telepathic abilities have certainly given him the edge in this brawl. Gorilla Grodd wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Tinky Winky

Tinky Winky may be a pretty brave fighter, but that’s just not enough to stop Gorilla Grodd. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Gorilla Grodd isn’t the type of guy to lose so easily. He’s always got a plan at the ready and backing him into a corner is not going to end well for anyone. He’s building quite the win streak and no Teletubbies can stop him! Gorilla Grodd wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Dipsy

Gorilla Grodd is back and now he’s up against Dipsy! Dipsy is pretty quick and resourceful when necessary, but that won’t be enough to claim victory here. Gorilla Grodd is very experienced and he possesses enough raw power to simply take Dipsy down in a fist fight. The Teletubbies lose another battle with this round! Gorilla Grodd wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Laa Laa

Laa Laa may have lost last time, but we know that Laa Laa always continues to go for the gold. Well, the effort is admirable of course, but she definitely won’t be able to stop Gorilla Grodd. He’s simply too strong and he has gone up against the Flash in the past. Laa Laa likely couldn’t match that feat so it’s game over for her. Gorilla Grodd wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Darkseid

Gorilla Grodd has his telepathy which can be useful against those who do not possess minds strong enough to stop it. Unfortunately for Gorilla Grodd, Darkseid would be able to resist the mind abilities. Darkseid could also just end the match with his Omega Beams nice and quickly. Darkseid wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Supergirl

Gorilla Grodd is a being of some mild power! Of course Supergirl will always be stronger. With one good punch she can take out guys much stronger than Gorilla Grodd. Gorilla Grodd has his mind hax, but Supergirl could beat him before he could put it too much use. Supergirl rises up the ranks with this win. Supergirl wins.