Gorilla Grodd vs Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Gorilla Grodd is a pretty tough customer. His physical strength is matched only by his intellect. That being said, I don’t think he will do very well against Yugi. Yugi just has to activate one of his trap cards or summon s high level monster and it’s over for Grodd. How can Grodd hope to defeat one of the Egyptian God Cards at Yugi’s disposal? Yugi wins.

4 thoughts on “Gorilla Grodd vs Yugi

  1. I still think Gorilla Grodd has a chance. There are too many ways for Yugi to lose. Grodd’s telekinesis, for one. His strength is probably higher than Yugi’s, considering how much stronger than humans Gorillas are. What’s to stop Grodd from pulling Yugi apart? Also, there’s his mind reading and control. If an amateur like Pegasus (Amateur compared to DC, Marvel, and even IMAGE Comic’s telepaths) can access Yugi’s mind and tire him out, then Yugi’s as good as making Domino High another Columbine as far as Grodd’s concerned. Admittedly, Superman and Martian Manhunter have been able to beat him, but I don’t think Yugi will.

    • Well, Yugi has a bunch of monsters so they can all run towards Grodd at once and overwhelm him with sheer numbers. Yugi’s mind is fairly strong thanks to his mind games so he’ll be able to resist the telekinesis to an extent. Gross is certainly physically stronger, but again the monsters help to cancel that out.

      • He’s still amazingly durable. Bullets don’t hurt him as much. And, despite being injected with more than a handful of tranquilizers at one point, The Flash had difficulty putting him down.

      • That’s true, but Dark Magician and the God Cards should still be enough to pierce his defenses. The energy attacks and physical blows will take their toll

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