Metal Sonic vs Bass

Suggested by Blake Metal Sonic is fast but he definitely isn’t as fast as Bass. Bass could skate rings around the guy if he wanted to do so. Bass also has the famed Earthbreaker at his disposal which could take the machine down in a single hit. Keeping all of this in mind, I think it is safe to say that Bass wins the round. Bass wins.


3 thoughts on “Metal Sonic vs Bass

  1. Metal Sonic Can Copy Any Ability Bass.EXE Has At His Disposal, Including His Ability To Always Come Back Stronger Than His Opponent, So In Theory This Fight Will Go On For Infinity, Or Until Time Comes To A Stop Due To The Destruction Of The Universe.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

  2. Metal Sonic’s OverLord Form Should Give Him Enough Durability To Survive Anything Bass.EXE Throws His Way. Unless Bass.EXE Uses Hub Style To Counter His Transformation.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

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