Ash vs Metal Sonic

Suggested by Sonic Ash is back once again but this time he is up against a speedster who is even faster than his Pikachu. Metal Sonic has been shown to be even faster than Sonic in the past and has gotten many power ups. Only a handful of Ash’s Pokémon will be able to do anything in this matchup and they simply won’t be enough. Metal Sonic wins.

Metal Sonic vs Bass

Suggested by Blake Metal Sonic is fast but he definitely isn’t as fast as Bass. Bass could skate rings around the guy if he wanted to do so. Bass also has the famed Earthbreaker at his disposal which could take the machine down in a single hit. Keeping all of this in mind, I think it is safe to say that Bass wins the round. Bass wins.

Luigi vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is back and now he’s off to face the other member of the Mario bros. Luigi is a pretty nifty racer and he’s also skilled in a fight, but that’s not enough to take Metal Sonic down for the count. Metal Sonic is just too fast and he also has the Metal Overlord form to back him up. Luigi wouldn’t really be able to put a dent in that and he can’t endure a single hit from such a foe. Metal Sonic wins.

Mario vs Metal Sonic

Mario is a pretty powerful plumber and there are many who would say that he could take down Sonic. I can’t say that I’m one of them, but I can say that Mario would certainly give it his all against Metal Sonic. Unfortunately for Nintendo’s mascot, Metal Sonic is just too powerful at this point. His speed once surpassed that of Sonic’s and he can even make a barrier to block Mario’s fireballs. Metal Sonic wins.

Link to original image by Weegeeish below

Metal Sonic vs Sally

Sally may have gotten mecha powers of her own, but that doesn’t mean that she can match up against someone as powerful as Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic has taken on beings as powerful as Sonic and Shadow in the past. There are few who can even give him a challenge on the planet. Sally lacks Metal Sonic’s speed and overall power. Metal Sonic wins.

Antoine vs Metal Sonic

Antoine has a sword, but swords don’t always win battles. Metal Sonic is far too quick for Antoine and one good blast should end this. Antoine won’t be able to penetrate his barrier and Metal Sonic’s punches can deal some intense damage. Metal Sonic is definitely crawling up the blog ranks with these wins. Metal Sonic wins.

Metal Sonic vs Amy

Amy is skilled with a hammer, but she doesn’t stand a chance against Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic can reach some pretty incredible speeds and he’s not the type of opponent who will go down so easily. Metal Sonic has taken on powerful opponents like Sonic in the past and he’s one of the strongest characters in the universe. Amy has a good amount of speed on her side, but it just won’t be enough. Metal Sonic wins.

Credit for the original image goes to SMSSkullLeader. You can find the original image at the link below.

Metal Sonic vs Johnny

Metal Sonic is back and not even Johnny can defeat him. Metal Sonic has speed that is even greater than Sonic’s and he can use it to pwn. Metal Sonic also has a barrier that can block nearly any attack. Johnny has some speed, but in the end it’s not enough to defeat Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic wins.

Godzilla vs Metal Sonic

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs Destoroyah. While Big G got his super form it didn’t look that impressive. Normal Godzilla has looked better in the past. Metal Sonic is way too fast and powerful for Godzilla. He could take him down pretty quickly…because he’s unbeatable. Godzilla could theoretically do some major damage to Metal Sonic if he landed some hits in, but Metal Sonic’s speed is like nothing he has ever encountered before. Metal Sonic wins.

The link to the original image can be found below and it was created by ToaAntan.

Sonic vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic and Sonic have been enemies for a long time. Their rivalry transcend time and space. Sonic is the lightning fast hedgehog who has fought all sorts of enemies. He’s showed that his speed can’t be matched….well Metal Sonic’s faster, but most others can’t keep up. Sonic also has a wide range of hand to hand skills and has also mastered some swordplay.

Finally Sonic has plenty of Super Forms including Dark Spine Sonic, Dark Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Black Knight Sonic, and Super Sonic. Of course Sonic can also harness the powers of the chaos emerald to warp space and time. Of course none of these powers can save Sonic from Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic is faster than Sonic and is immune to his chaos powers. Metal Sonic’s shield is indestructible and can withstand anything Sonic throws at him. Sonic may be powerful, but in the end he’s not up to Metal Sonic level. Metal Sonic has also showed the ability to transform into Metal Madness and Metal Overload. Sonic is a strong opponent and can take down nearly any other opponent, but in the end that’s not enough. Metal Sonic wins.

This is definitely one of the closest matches ever. Metal Sonic and Sonic are both neck and neck in most of their abilities. Super Sonic puts Sonic’s abilities slightly higher, but it’s definitely a close fight. Sonic wins.