Sally vs Lupe Wolf

Lupe Wolf is back, but she seems to be out of her league in this round. Sally has some impressive armaments at her disposal and her defense can block anything that Lupe Wolf can dish out. Lupe Wolf won’t be able to keep up with Sally’s speed and that could be a deciding factor. How can Lupe Wolf properly counterattack with these conditions? Sally wins.

Metal Sonic vs Sally

Sally may have gotten mecha powers of her own, but that doesn’t mean that she can match up against someone as powerful as Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic has taken on beings as powerful as Sonic and Shadow in the past. There are few who can even give him a challenge on the planet. Sally lacks Metal Sonic’s speed and overall power. Metal Sonic wins.

Antoine vs Sally

Antoine may be good with a sword, but he’s no match for Sally! Sally’s force field will protect her from any attack that Antoine can dish out. Her energy blasts will deal some pretty serious damage and set the stage for her victory. Sally doesn’t need to fear a close combat battle and Antoine’s sword won’t be enough to stop her. Sally wins.

Dulcy the Dragon vs Sally

Dulcy the Dragon is back, but she’s only here for a loss. Dulcy the Dragon can’t hope to match up against someone who’s as tough as Sally. Sally’s attack power is a lot higher than Dulcy’s and her defense is just as sturdy. Dulcy the Dragon drops down the blog ranks with this loss, but she gave it her all. Sally wins.

Tails vs Sally

Sally has her robot form, but will it be enough to stop Tails? Tails has been with Sonic through thick and thin for a long time. His speed has never been as good as Sonic’s, but he definitely gets around. I don’t think that his thunder cannon would get through Sally’s barrier and while his super beam from SA2B would, the mech is not quick enough to connect. Sally takes a narrow win in this round thanks to the mech power up. Sally wins.

Sonic vs Sally

Sonic is a pretty fast hedgehog and his fighting skills are also pretty solid. Sally may have gotten some abilities thanks to her metal transformation, but she won’t be able to keep up with Sonic for long. Sonic’s speed is legendary and he’s basically unstoppable. Sonic takes a nice win continue his win streak! Sonic wins.

Princess Elise vs Sally

Elise is the worst Sonic character. She was unneeded character in a game that had unneeded bad reviews. Sally is also cheap. They are both D Rank characters that couldn’t beat many people. They also don’t have any powers. Elise’s tears don’t acount for much since the Iblis was never sealed in her (See Sonic 2006 ending) Sally wins.