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Vakishim vs Lenalee

Vakishim is certainly a very powerful Kaiju who can even rip holes in the sky. There aren’t too many fighters who can stop him when the Kaiju is on a roll, but it just so happens that Lenalee is one of them. There will be no way for him to dodge any of Lenalee’s attacks. Her kicks pack quite the punch and her speed is impressive. That’s before you even consider the fact that Vakishim’s not exactly known for his speed. Lenalee is strong enough to stop Vakishim and quick enough to pull it off. Lenalee wins.

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Shou Tucker vs Lenalee

Shou Tucker makes his debut on the blog with this round! He was a pretty forgettable character in Full Metal Alchemist, but I managed to find him while looking for characters to take a loss. Unfortunately for Shou, this means that he will be dropping through the blog ranks very quickly. He’s a pretty awful character and Lenalee only needs one good kick to win this round. Lenalee wins.

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Lenalee vs Haruko Haruhara

Haruko Haruhara is also entering the blog for the first time and she’s coming in for a loss. Lenalee could easily defeat Haruko Haruhara with her innocence abilities and the match wouldn’t even last a minute. Lenalee can move at speeds far faster than the eye can see and Haruko Haruhara’s combat skills are nonexistent compared to Lenalee’s. Lenalee wins.

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Brood vs Lenalee

Lenalee has her super kicks, but in the end she doesn’t even need them. The Brood are tough to be sure, but in the end they can’t take down someone of Lenalee’s level. Lenalee has faced far stronger beings back in her day and lived to tell the tale. The Brood drops down the rankings with this loss. Lenalee wins.