Spike Spiegel vs Vicious

Suggested by Anonymous Time for a classic Cowboy Bebop battle. Both of these fighters are skilled and pretty evenly matched. As you can see from the image it’s not like one has a big advantage over the other. In real life you would typically choose a gun over a sword but vice versa in fiction. Bebop is a fairly realistic show though and as it is Spike is pretty fast. I think he would be able to get the shot off in time before Vicious is able to take him down. It would be difficult for Vicious to tag him first. Spike Spiegel wins.

4 thoughts on “Spike Spiegel vs Vicious

  1. I’d still give it to Spike, but overall, I think both of them are strong enough to win over the other. Vicious was very fast and deadly with his blade, while the most Spike could do was dodge or use his firearm to block and parry it. Also, depending on how far apart they are, Spike has the upper-hand with his handgun given the range he can shoot from.

    • Yeah, Vicious was really a great fighter. If he gets in close I don’t think Spike would be able to parry long enough to win, but I also think a weapon is the deadlier weapon because all Spike needs is one clean shot and that’s game over

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