Spike Spiegel vs Vicious

Suggested by Anonymous Time for a classic Cowboy Bebop battle. Both of these fighters are skilled and pretty evenly matched. As you can see from the image it’s not like one has a big advantage over the other. In real life you would typically choose a gun over a sword but vice versa in fiction. Bebop is a fairly realistic show though and as it is Spike is pretty fast. I think he would be able to get the shot off in time before Vicious is able to take him down. It would be difficult for Vicious to tag him first. Spike Spiegel wins.

Spike Spiegel vs Roberta

Suggested by iKnowledge Roberta has returned and she is up against another skilled hand to hand fighter. This is a match where I would favor Spike. Both of them have solid weaponry and moves, but Spike’s feats are just better. The only area where Roberta may claim the edge is in pure speed, but Spike’s combat reaction times are better. If all else fails he also has his personal spaceship which can fire lasers and such. I don’t believe it would come to that though. Spike Spiegel wins.

Balalaika vs Spike Spiegel

Suggested by iKnowledge Balalaika returns here, but this is also a fight that she will not be able to win. She would be able to keep up with Spike pretty well in hand to hand combat as well as with gun skills. The issue here is that Spike has the superior equipment. He’s got a personal spaceship with machine guns and the like. That really ends the fight right away. If you take the toys aside and just have these two duke it out with a personal gun then it’s still very close. I’d give Spike the slight edge thanks to experience and the benefit of more screen time, but it could go either way. Spike Spiegel wins.

Spike Spiegel vs Bass

The King of the Blog is back just in time for Records! Bass’s Darkness Overload would end this match in an instant and his barrier could block all of Spike’s bullets. Spike Spiegel has lost his debut match, but at least he lost to the best. This is an epic way to end the blog matches until Records comes up. Bass wins.