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Shou Tucker vs Lenalee

Shou Tucker makes his debut on the blog with this round! He was a pretty forgettable character in Full Metal Alchemist, but I managed to find him while looking for characters to take a loss. Unfortunately for Shou, this means that he will be dropping through the blog ranks very quickly. He’s a pretty awful character and Lenalee only needs one good kick to win this round. Lenalee wins.

2 thoughts on “Shou Tucker vs Lenalee”

  1. I may not be able to remember Shou’s name right off the bat, but whenever I see him, I remember him almost perfectly. I will always remember what he did to Nina. Grr. That. Guy.

    1. Tucker’s definitely an awful character. I would have liked for the heroes to punch him a few more times before the end! Shou Tucker….it was definitely fun to give him a loss on the blog!

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