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Shou Tucker vs Broly

Shou Tucker can try to defeat Broly, but he’ll never be in the same league. Broly is one of the strongest fighters alive and he could take out the whole planet as easily as he took out the galaxy. This is one opponent that Shou definitely wouldn’t want to face in the ring, but he’s going to have to try. At least he will give it his all! Broly wins.

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Shou Tucker vs Lenalee

Shou Tucker makes his debut on the blog with this round! He was a pretty forgettable character in Full Metal Alchemist, but I managed to find him while looking for characters to take a loss. Unfortunately for Shou, this means that he will be dropping through the blog ranks very quickly. He’s a pretty awful character and Lenalee only needs one good kick to win this round. Lenalee wins.

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Shou Tucker vs Allen

Allen Walker is a pretty tough character even though I can’t say that I’m a really big fan. He could definitely take down Shou Tucker and one good slash is all that he will need. Shou Tucker isn’t very quick on his feet and his durability is laughable at best. I fear that this may not be his final loss of the day! Allen wins.