Kanda vs Luffy

Suggested by Sonic Kanda has his sword skills but he isn’t quite ready to take on Luffy here. Luffy has his haki abilities which further amps up his impressive stats. Right now Luffy is fast enough where Kanda would just not be able to keep up with him. Mix in Luffy’s dynamic power and Kanda’s sword will quickly be snapped in two. There’s no way to counter an opponent who counters you so hard. Luffy wins.

Natsu vs Kanda

Suggested by Destroyer Kanda is a powerful swordsman but he isn’t quite at a level where he would be able to defeat Natsu. Natsu’s fire abilities allow him to move at crazy speeds where even Kanda would not be able to keep up. Additionally, Natsu can fight at close or long range and he would have the advantage in either arena. Kanda would need a stat boost to keep up. Natsu wins.

Lightning vs Kanda

It’s time for a battle of electric sword fighters. Kanda has some nice regenerative abilities on his end which complement his aggressive fighting style. Lightning’s no stranger to aggressive fighting either and has the speed to keep up with Kanda. I’d even say that she may be a little faster. While Kanda’s maximum power output may keep his strength a little above hers, Lightning’s omega weapon can help her block his attacks and her Odin summon should give her the edge. It’s a close match, but Lightning has triumphed once more. Lightning wins.

Kanda vs Iori

Iori is an exceptional swordsman. He has pushed swordsmanship to the limits of what is humanly possible. Unfortunately for him Kanda is barely even human anymore. His Innocence has allowed him to transcend his limits and he has access to high speed regeneration in addition to superhuman speed and strength. Iori is a genius, but even he won’t be able to figure out a way to stop Kanda here. Kanda simply has too many advantages at his disposal and Iori would need something supernatural to defeat him. Kanda wins.

Riku vs Kanda

Riku is a formidable swordsman, but he does not possess enough speed to take Kanda down for the count. Kanda may not be the strongest swordsman around, but he is still impressive. Riku has a larger array of magic at his disposal, but it wont be able to overcome Kanda’s raw speed. Kanda is a true warrior and this is just another step on his journey to become the best! Kanda wins.

Kanda vs Bass


Kanda is back, but this time he suffers his first loss. In the end his skills just weren’t enough to take down Bass. Bass is a being of absolute power and with one blast could take out nearly any being in media. Kanda may be a good swordsman, but in the end it won’t be enough to win. Bass wins.