Iori vs Dark Samus

Suggested by Destroyer Iori has returned and now he is up against one of Samus’ stronger opponents. Dark Samus has a powerful array of energy blasts and can even teleport. The main drawback that will hurt her is the fact that Iori easily wins in speed. His sword strikes will deal massive damage here and Dark Samus will not be able to withstand the barrage for long. Her zero laser is hard to dodge and definitely Dark Samus’ best chance of victory. I don’t believe she would be able to tag him in time though. Iori wins.

Iori vs Tai

Suggested by Destroyer Iori is a pretty powerful swordsman. His speed is on a completely different level at a point where humans can’t keep up. That being said, Tai has a powerful bodyguard at the ready. His Omnimon would be able to take down Iori. Even if Iori could conceivably get some hits in, they would do virtually 0 damage against a foe of Omnimon’s durability. Tai will definitely end up scoring the victory in this match as he shows that physical ability simply isn’t enough to take down a Digital Monster. Tai wins.

Kanda vs Iori

Iori is an exceptional swordsman. He has pushed swordsmanship to the limits of what is humanly possible. Unfortunately for him Kanda is barely even human anymore. His Innocence has allowed him to transcend his limits and he has access to high speed regeneration in addition to superhuman speed and strength. Iori is a genius, but even he won’t be able to figure out a way to stop Kanda here. Kanda simply has too many advantages at his disposal and Iori would need something supernatural to defeat him. Kanda wins.

Iori vs Orga

This is surely going to be a controversial match, but you have Orga’s lack of speed to blame for it! Lori may technically be a human fighter, but his speed is certainly not at a level that a real person could achieve. Orga’s skin is very thick, but Lori should be able to pierce it and he can dodge the energy blasts that Orga has at his disposal. I know that it sounds pretty incredible, but that’s why Iori takes this round. Iori wins.

Binky vs Iori

Binky is a pretty “Tough” kid, but he cant match up against someone with such power. Iori has some pretty intense sword abilities and he isn’t afraid of challenging a strong opponent. Binky isn’t quite as brave and his resolve isn’t as sturdy. Binky has lost this round, but at least he gave it his all. Iori wins

Swordsman vs Iori

Iori has some pretty good speed and his striking power is enough to defeat Swordsman in one shot. Swordsman’s sword would be broken in half and that would get rid of his own defense. Iori is definitely scoring a lot of wins lately. Not even the mighty Swordsman could stop him! Iori wins.

Minya vs Iori

Minya is a proud fighter, but he was a necessary sacrifice. Minya may be tough, but he is just not quick enough. Iori would run rings around him w ease. Iori is a superior swordsman. Minya doesnt even use swords! Minya may be able to grow to an impressive size, but skill will always beat raw power in these battles. Iori wins

Kashitarou vs Iori

Kashitarou may know a lot about sword fighting, but he’s definitely not the most skilled fighter on the block. Iori wouldn’t have any trouble taking Kashitarou down for the count. Kashitarou lacks speed and the raw power that has made Lori legendary. Iori’s been on a roll and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon! Iori wins.

Iori vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk has his phasers at the ready and one good shot would be enough to take Iori down for the count. Iori’s sword skills are far too intense for Captain Kirk in the long run. Iori’s endurance is also far greater than Captain Kirk’s. Captain Kirk just doesn’t have a chance of winning this round. Iori wins.

Iori vs James Bond

Iori has surpassed Gama as my favorite character of the Gamaran series. His onslaught against the castle was just awesome! I figured that it was time to give him some solid wins on the blog. James Bond has his gun at the ready, but Iori is far faster than him and his sword skills are unparalleled. James Bond takes yet another loss. Iori wins.