Chelsea vs Ace (One Piece)

Suggested by iKnowledge Ace is an excellent long range fighter and that’s bad news for Chelsea. He’s fast enough to keep her at a distance for the duration of the fight and any time she tries to get in close he would just widen the gap again. This is what will put her at a standstill because there aren’t a lot of ways to counter that. She’s not one of the best fighters at close range let alone long range. Her options will dry up quickly. Ace (One Piece) wins.

Ace (One Piece) vs Gama

Suggested by iKnowledge Gama is also a super skilled swordfighter but at the end of the day he’s not going to be winning this round. Ace has the range advantage with his endless fire. Gama would have to try and cut the flames which is difficult enough by itself but then also find a way to quickly catch Ace. Given that Ace can fly and is fairly quick on his feet, I don’t see this happening in time for Gama to try and claim victory here. Ace (One Piece) wins.

Iori vs Ace (One Piece)

Suggested by iKnowledge Iori has some really good speed and his sword abilities are incredibly good. In terms of pure swordplay I think it’s safe to say that he is probably one of the most skilled fighters in all of media. That said, he is still outgunned here because of Ace’s sheer firepower. That guy can cause an entire inferno in an instant. No amount of swordplay can really hope to counter that. Ace (One Piece) wins.

Killer Bee vs Ace (One Piece)

Suggested by Sonic Ace is a pretty strong guy and it’s a shame he got written out so early on. His fire moves are impressive and the fact that he can phase through attacks is an added bonus. This match puts him at a type disadvantage though. Additionally Killer Bee is far quicker than Ace. He’ll be able to hit Ace with a volley of moves and block any counters with his Octopus form. That ends up giving him an absolute defense in addition to his raw attack power. Ace is outmatched here. Killer Bee wins.

Ace (One Piece) vs Temari

Ace (One Piece) has some pretty intense fire powers! Temari’s wind lets her blow away fire, but it has its limits and Ace will prove too be too powerful. Ace also has a lot of physical power and his speed shouldn’t be underestimated. Temari has lost this round, but she may be back someday. Ace (One Piece) wins.

Ace (One Piece) vs Zero

Ace (One Piece) is back and he’s up against Zero! Zero is an S Class Maverick Hunter and his abilities are extremely dangerous. His speed and power are just too much for his opponents to stop! Ace (One Piece) may be back for a win someday, but for now Zero got to pwn! Zero wins.

Ace (One Piece) vs Pain

Ace (One Piece) has fire powers and is a pretty good fighter. He was able to fight with Blackbeard and even got his own arc. Of course in the end Pain has the numbers advantage and he’s also a lot stronger than Ace. Speedwise I’d also say he’s superior and with advantages like that Ace (One Piece) didn’t even have a chance. Pain’s just too powerful. Pain wins.

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