Ace (One Piece) vs Temari

Ace (One Piece) has some pretty intense fire powers! Temari’s wind lets her blow away fire, but it has its limits and Ace will prove too be too powerful. Ace also has a lot of physical power and his speed shouldn’t be underestimated. Temari has lost this round, but she may be back someday. Ace (One Piece) wins.

Sasuke vs Temari

Sasuke Uchiha is a unbeatable character. He has Fire Jutsu that can’t be defeated. Temari challenged him once, but couldn’t handle the power. Sasuke is just far too powerful. Temari takes her first loss, but she’ll be back one of these days. Sasuke gets yet another win, but that was never in doubt. Sasuke wins.

Tenten vs Temari

Tenten has a lot of shruiken and knows how to make them dangerous weapons. Of course in this match they’re a moot point since Temari could blow them all away effortlessly. This is Temari’s debut fight and she starts off with a solid win. Of course nobody stays undefeated for long. Temari wins.