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Tai vs Vegeta

This is a tribute to Digimon Tri. See the picture of Tai above? I’m afraid that he has lost that personality and turned into a shell of himself. Hopefully he reclaims his former glory, but it’ll be tough for Tai fans in the meantime. As a result, he’s going up against the Prince of All Saiyans. If anyone can teach Tai about why fighting is’s Vegeta! Vegeta wins.

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Tai vs Kari

Kari has her Gatomon, but against Tai is just won’t be enough. Tai has taken down many opponents back in his day. They were tough, but he was just tougher. It’s how the ball bounced. Tai rises up the ranks with this win and he had a pretty good run. He’ll be back someday. Tai wins.

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Takato vs Tai

Takato makes his debut and he’s up against the original digital hero! Tai has his trusty Agumon while Takato has his dependable Guilmon. Both of them have powerful mega forms and their power is unheard of. I’d say that Tai has this due to his superior hand to hand skills and War Greymon’s incredible power. Tai wins.

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Tai vs Matt

Tai is a digimon trainer of immense power. With his Agumon there are few opponents who can take him down. They just didn’t have the skills. Of course Matt is also an epic trainer. He has the skilled Gabumon who can turn into the legendary Omnimon! Of course, so can Agumon. Plus Agumon can turn into War Greymon! Matt and Tai will always be rivals, but Tai takes the match. In a fist fight with Matt he may lose, but in a battle of digimon stopping him is pretty much impossible. Tai wins.