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Sora (Digimon) vs Helen (Sonic X)

Suggested by Destroyer Helen is a pretty confident kid, but she’s hardly a fighter. There’s not really anything she can hope to do here. Sora probably wouldn’t even need her Digimon partner to win. While Sora doesn’t typically engage in hand to hand combat, she is in a better position to do it than Helen. No matter how you slice it, this will be a pretty quick match. Sora (Digimon) wins.

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Scrooge McDuck vs Sora (Digimon)

Suggested by Destroyer Sora is one of the DigiDestined and as such she has a pretty powerful partner. With their Digi bond Sora can get her Biyomon to the Mega level. At that point there isn’t anything Scrooge can do. Money can buy many things, but wins aren’t one of them. He’ll quickly see the limits of his money and will have no real way to stop Sora. Even if her Digimon was stuck in rookie mode they could probably get the win. Sora (Digimon) wins.

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Sora (Digimon) vs Asta

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This is a tribute to the 4th Digimon Tri film. Sora’s dilemma was unfortunately not handled quite as well as some of the others. It’s hard to feel quite as bad for her and maybe that’s because her issue is about getting recognition from someone else. As they said in Madoka Magica, you have to be careful when fighting for someone else because then things get tricky. Asta fights for everyone, but he does it for himself at the end of the day. He can easily speedblitz Sora and her Digimon. Asta wins.