Haiji (Hungry Joker) vs Asta

As both of these series’ main characters are from the same guy, it’s only fitting that they fight each other. Haiji can manipulate gravity to a powerful degree but Asta’s already fought someone like that before. Haiji will not be able to make Asta bend to his will. Asta’s anti magic is just too powerful and in addition he has several super forms at the ready. Haiji’s going to be on the defensive and will quickly be defeated. Asta wins.

Yami Sukehiro vs Asta

Yami Sukehiro is one of the strongest characters in Black Clover. While we all figured Asta would surpass him someday as the main character, the question was always “when”. Well in the demon triad arc I would say Asta finally pulled this off. His demonic fusion form is just too much even for Yami’s dark magic to withstand. Asta can now nullify all magic as well as absorb it and his speed is just incredible. It’s hard to see Yami standing up to that much power. Asta wins.

Asta vs Luck

Luck has his thunder abilities and is very fast, but ultimately Asta is just plain faster. Throw in the fact that Asta’s got better destructive ability and that’s a wrap. Luck’s skills are all magic based which is not a good matchup for Asta’s abilities. Luck continues to get stronger but I don’t see the victor changing anytime soon due to how much quicker Asta tends to improve his abilities. Asta wins.

Rukia vs Asta

Suggested by Sonic Rukia and Asta are both fighters who grew massively stronger as their series went on. Rukia certainly was captain level by the end of her adventure and Asta achieved that status in his verse as well. Ultimately I would give Asta the edge because he can keep up with Rukia’s speed and his anti magic should have a good effect against her ice. I would trust his ability a lot in that matchup and should have the edge in close quarters. Asta wins.

Asta vs Revchi

It’s time for Asta to step back into the spotlight. He’s quickly become one of the most well known and recognizable characters in anime. The guy never gives up and gets stronger with each arc. Revchi was the first ever villain Asta ever battled so there’s no way he can win. Revchi’s ability to seal away magic with his chains is formidable, but Asta can slice through such a weapon with ease. Nobody’s sealing away this kid. Asta wins.

Flash Gordon vs Asta

Flash is definitely very strong, but he is nowhere near a match for Asta. The kid has a lot of incredible abilities and has been getting steadily stronger with each arc. Flash cannot hope to keep up with this lead’s growth and I wouldn’t be surprised if Asta could beat him with a single blow at this point. At the end of the day Asta is barely human anymore while Flash is certainly mortal. Asta wins.

Touma vs Asta

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of anti magic users. Asta has his twin swords which nullify all magic and can also repel it while Touma does this by hand. The main difference here though is that Touma’s only real power is in his hand so Asta can ditch his swords and just make this a hand to hand brawl. At that point there really isn’t anything that Touma can do to keep up. Asta is a whole lot stronger and faster not to mention the fact that he can also read ki. Asta wins.

Gauche vs Asta

Gauche may have some pretty solid mirror magic at his disposal, but it won’t be enough to do any real damage to Asta. Asta’s too fast and his sword completely negates magic so that puts Gauche at a huge disadvantage from the start. He’s just out of luck here. Asta also has his demon mode which he could use if necessary, but I don’t think it’ll come to that. Gauche will go down before Asta’s superior power. Asta wins.

Zatanna vs Asta

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a powerful spellcaster, but this is a rough matchup for her. Asta’s swords can negate/reflect all magics. She can still use her spells to throw objects at him which aren’t made of magic, but he’ll be able to either dodge them or slice them apart anyway. Asta’s physical strength is incredibly impressive and will really serve him well in this match up. Zatanna just won’t be able to keep this match to mid-range where she would have a chance. Asta wins.

Mirio vs Asta

Mirio has a lot of strength which he has honed over the years. Coupled with his ability to phase through objects he is a very talented fighter. That will let him put up a good fight here, but he will still be unable to take on an opponent as fierce as Asta. Asta has tremendous levels of speed at his disposal and he can really dish out the pain. In terms of physical strength I’d likely give Asta the slight edge as well. He’ll never give up and that’s bad news for his opponents. Asta wins.