Maruo (Ayashimon) vs Asta

Maruo is a strong hand to hand fighter. He gets more powerful with every fight and is definitely a lot to handle. That being said, Asta still has the advantage here. First off, having a blade is a huge advantage in any fight and he’s also shown to be way faster. Maruo barely had time to get too many developments in his power level before the series was cancelled which puts him in really hot water against someone like Asta. Asta wins.

Rock Howard vs Maruo (Ayashimon)

Rock Howard is a strong hand to hand fighter but he’s not ready to take down Maruo. Maruo continued to get stronger and stronger as the Ayashimon series went on and he didn’t really have a ceiling in sight. He is considerably more powerful than Rock and a single good shot could end things. His endurance is also out of this world so Rock will need to land a substantial amount of blows to stand a chance. Ultimately Maruo is landing his hits before that happens. Maruo (Ayashimon) wins.