Rock Howard vs Maruo (Ayashimon)

Rock Howard is a strong hand to hand fighter but he’s not ready to take down Maruo. Maruo continued to get stronger and stronger as the Ayashimon series went on and he didn’t really have a ceiling in sight. He is considerably more powerful than Rock and a single good shot could end things. His endurance is also out of this world so Rock will need to land a substantial amount of blows to stand a chance. Ultimately Maruo is landing his hits before that happens. Maruo (Ayashimon) wins.

Rock Howard vs Leorio

Suggested by iKnowledge Leorio has his nen abilities now so he can put a much better fight than back in the day but he still hasn’t shown enough to be able to stop Rock yet. Rock has aura abilities of his own and much better close quarter combat skills so it’s hard to see him going down. He’ll be able to react to Leorio’s attacks well enough and counter appropriately. Leorio won’t be able to keep up. Rock Howard wins.