Asta vs Luck

Luck has his thunder abilities and is very fast, but ultimately Asta is just plain faster. Throw in the fact that Asta’s got better destructive ability and that’s a wrap. Luck’s skills are all magic based which is not a good matchup for Asta’s abilities. Luck continues to get stronger but I don’t see the victor changing anytime soon due to how much quicker Asta tends to improve his abilities. Asta wins.

Urbosa vs Luck

Luck has a lot of very impressive electrical abilities at his disposal. He can move with extreme speed and that will let him dodge all of Urbosa’s attacks. While she has a degree of resistance to thunder based attacks, Luck uses this to amp up his physical moves to which she will have no proper defense. Urbosa has a lot of attack power but it won’t matter if you can’t land a hit. Luck wins.