Scrooge McDuck vs Sora (Digimon)

Suggested by Destroyer Sora is one of the DigiDestined and as such she has a pretty powerful partner. With their Digi bond Sora can get her Biyomon to the Mega level. At that point there isn’t anything Scrooge can do. Money can buy many things, but wins aren’t one of them. He’ll quickly see the limits of his money and will have no real way to stop Sora. Even if her Digimon was stuck in rookie mode they could probably get the win. Sora (Digimon) wins.

Cranky Kong vs Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is pretty crafty and he has amassed a large fortune. Cranky Kong’s living circumstances are more modest, but he has learned how to fight. He can race pretty well in Barrel Blast and he was also playable in the new DK game. His battle experience definitely surpasses Scrooge’s and he even has a long range option in the form of his Denture Gun. Srooge McDuck won’t be winning this round against the newest fighter to the blog. Cranky Kong wins.

Albert Alligator vs Scrooge McDuck

Albert Alligator makes his blog debut alongside Scrooge McDuck! Scrooge is pretty rich and I’d have to say that he even has more money than Albert Alligator! Still, in terms of fighting experience I’d have to go with Albert Alligator. You wouldn’t want him to bite you! Albert Alligator wins.