Albert Alligator vs Buggy The Clown

Buggy The Clown is a pretty tough fighter. While he is basically just comic relief next to the higher tier fighters he is still fairly skilled. Albert would have a hard time getting past Buggy’s sword techniques and honestly he just doesn’t have enough skill to land a hit. Buggy can just separate and re-attach whenever Albert gets close. Defeating him will prove to be impossible. Buggy The Clown wins.

Albert Alligator vs Bass

Albert Alligator is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be! He’s already taken one win so far, so what’s to stop him from taking another!? Bass is! No being has ever defeated Bass and I highly doubt that any ever will. His power and speed are far too intense! Bass wins.

Albert Alligator vs Scrooge McDuck

Albert Alligator makes his blog debut alongside Scrooge McDuck! Scrooge is pretty rich and I’d have to say that he even has more money than Albert Alligator! Still, in terms of fighting experience I’d have to go with Albert Alligator. You wouldn’t want him to bite you! Albert Alligator wins.