TK vs Waluigi


This is a tribute for the third Digimon Tri film! We’re about to have 3 of these in a row so get ready. A common theme in each of the films is that 1-2 of the Digidestined have to make a tough choice and you have to see if you agree with it. Well, TK made the right choice in his as he protected Patamon from his friends. If you have to choose between your best friend and the other friends, the choice should always be clear. I like Waluigi, but his chances of being in Smash prior to DLC are fading fast so he may as well sink down the charts. TK wins.

Tai vs TK

Tai is back and now he’s up against TK! TK is one of the stronger digidestined and with Angemon by his side, he can take many wins. Still, he won’t be able to take down Tai. Tai has Wargreymon and Omnimon who can top nearly any other digimon. TK will be back. Tai wins.